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Temporal Chronogram and Expected Results



In with is related to my Research Schedule, here is its Temporal Chronogram:





In what is concerned to the expectations for the results of my investigation, I have some hypotheses that I want to confront with the collected data of my investigation:


- A Public Interactive System placed at the Comunication and Art's Department, that can allow users to obtain information according to their needs/preferences and that is presented automatically, based on users identification card recognition (with RFID technology), is very useful in what is concerned to the users daily routine through the Campus, because it allows users to obtain the information needed in a easy and simple way: they just need to previously fill in a web-form (made for the purpose) and check the areas of interest. After acomplishing this requirement, they only need to carry their identification cards along so that the system can recognize it and cross the identification with the database, presenting information according the preferences/needs of the users, facilitating their journey along the Campus;


-  A Public Interactive System placed at the Comunication and Art's Department, that allow users to obtain information according to their needs/preferences and that is presented automatically, based on  users identification card recognition (with RFID technology) raises some privacy issues along with some safety problems: users do not feel safe by having personal information shown on a Public Interactive System. They feel frightened that someone might steal their personal information so they are reluctant to use it. Yet, they feel unconfortable by being recognized by a system that can track their moves throgh the Campus, so this is a bareer to the use of the System because users have the perception that they are being controlled, and that someone is able to get access to their own personal information; 

De Pedro Almeida a 8 de Dezembro de 2009 às 08:31
Some notes:

- Some design for Ponto UA should be done in paralel with software development. I understand that you have design after software because you are planning to have first a raw prototype, but in this type of projects the interaction models are crucial for software development, and therefore the layout must be present from the start;
- Don't forget on your chronogram the writing activities, namelly at the beggining or end of a research phase;
- In "expections" you meant "expectations" ? :-)
- Concerning the hypothesis you should do some revisions. An hypothesis must have a minimum of variables to be easy to confirm.
For example:
"A black car gets hotter in the sun than a white car" - simple, the variable is the color
but if you say
"A black car with a diesel engine gets hotter in the sun than a white car" - what variable causes the heat? the color, the engine?

De moita-m a 8 de Dezembro de 2009 às 14:28
I will try to clear up my mind about the hypotheses of the study and separate the concepts I want to focus on. Right now I have it all blured. :) About the layout development, I agree: it should be along with the software development phase. Thank you veru much!

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Thank you! I am glad that you find the information I keep posting useful. :)

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I can attempt to resolve my mind approximately the hypotheses of the look at and separate the principles I need to consciousness on. proper now I've it all blurred. :) approximately the format development, I agree: it ought to be alongside the software improvement segment. thank you very lots!

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A Public Interactive gadget positioned on the Communication and art's branch, which can permit customers to attain records in keeping with their desires/alternatives and this is provided automatically, based totally on users identification card reputation.

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Developed with Ricardo Magalhães
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